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Herman Van Veen - A certain tenderness
Herman-van-veenFor almost half a century, Herman van Veen has travelled the world with his very personal performances.
From Amsterdam to Tokyo he has played large concert halls, smaller halls, pubs, churches, city squares, always rebellious and always swimming upstream.

"A tender anarchist", Daniel Pantchenko once wrote. Samuel Beckett thought him to be "the personification of a poem". Georges Moustaki described him as "a man who acts as if he only wants to entertain us".

Tord Gustavsen Quartet
GustavsenTord Gustavsen made a memorable impact on the international scene with his trio album on ECM in 2003 (Changing Places). Immediately critics showered him with favorable reviews finding his music to enhance the core of jazz, being gentle and robust at the same time. He continued to explore the trio format with two more albums (The Ground 2005 and Being There 2007) before expanding his group. He is also a prolific musicologist and explores how one deals with the musical inspiration of the moment on the one hand, while figuring out the progress of the composed music on the other.
The Iceland Expo Pavilion
EXPOA stunning 360 degree movie shown in Silfurberg hall all day between 10 am - 6 pm.

• The pavilion features a unique 360 degree film where the walls and ceiling form a visual unity. The film was produced by Sagafilm.

•  The film reveived much acclaim at the workld fair in Shanghai in 2010 and at the Frankfurt book fair in 2011.

•  Almost three million people have already seen the film

•  Screenings in Harpa begin on June 28th in Silfurberg hall.

For the first time this summer, Icelanders, and those visiting Iceland will have the chance to experience the atmosphere of the Iceland Expo Pavilion which was designed for the Wold fair in Shanghai in 2010. The pavilion was then raised again for the Frankfurt book fair in 2011. Now, it‘s Iceland‘s turn.

Beethoven cycle IV
harpa-beethovencycleIVJune 7th 2012

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 8
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 9
The Iceland Symphony completes its Beethoven's Cycle with two unique masterpieces. The Ninth is one of the most famous and inspiring works of classical music history. In a newspapers article in 1938, the Icelandic organist/composer Páll Ísólfsson said "Never before have delight and brotherhood had such a magnificent voice as in the Ninth. That is the reason for its popularity during various anniversaries throughout the world. Whether it is played in Germany, France, England or Russia: everywhere you will witness how it strikes a chord in human hearts, giving them hope for a better life, a brighter future."

Pearls of Icelandic Song
Harpa-PerlurA concert series in Kaldalón hall presenting beloved Icelandic music.

In our concert series in Harpa this summer we‘ll present you with classical Icelandic music in programmes consisting of some of the most beloved Icelandic songs, folk-songs, hymns and national-songs.  The performers are young Icelandic musicians, many of whom have already been noticed for their work, both in Iceland and abroad. All the programmes are sung in Icelandic but annotated in English to aid foreigners in getting acquainted with classical Icelandic music.
Artfest 2012 : Yann Tiersen
YannTiersenYann Tiersen and his band with a special acoustic performance of Skyline

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavík Arts Festival May 31, 2012

Celebrated composer and multi instrumentalist Yann Tiersen will be a guest of the Reykjavík Arts Festival 2012 with a special acoustic performance of his new album Skyline. Tiersen is a renowned and startlingly unique artist whose early albums merged cutting edge classical with flourishes of folk with the bristly energy of post punk, and while these works attracted a dedicated fan base, it was his soundtrack to the beloved indie film “Amelie” which introduced Tiersen to a far wider audience. Since then Tiersen has continued to attract fans with a continuously evolving sound and memorable live performances at everything from distinguished concert halls to rock festivals.
Artfest 2012 : THE BANDSTAND // Hljómskálinn
Hljomskalinn-hausLine up the best for an all Icelandic Music Party

The charismatic and quirky frontmen of the successful and incredibly popular television music-show The Bandstand (Hljómskálinn) line up the very best in Icelandic music for a big music party to celebrate the great success of the season. The show has made a name for itself for bringing together different artists to collaborate on new songs especially for the programme. A whole team of well known, prominent, and even infamous artists will perform their songs and collaborations, as well as premiering new material in order to wow the audience at Harpa with their creative synergy. Expect the unexpected, great atmosphere and incredible music!

Bryan Ferry starts his tour in Iceland
Bryan-FerryBryan Ferry, one of pop's most successful international stars will perform in Harpa, Reykjavík, on May 27th. This is Ferry's first concert this year and his first since he finished his Olympia tour in London in december last year.

The Bryan Ferry concert in Reykjavik also marks the start of the international Nelson Mandela days in Iceland 2012 which are held in honour of Mandela and his ideals in conjunction with the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The Bryan Ferry concert is held in cooperation with The Reykjavík Arts Festival and are part of the festival programme.

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