Metropolitan Hotel
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Blue Lagoon

Experience the power

The Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater is a part of an ecocycle where nature and science work in harmony.

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Horse Riding

Nothing like icelandic horses

This trip is an excellent trip for all those interested in trying the Icelandic horse, a trek on the hardy,…

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Many glacier tours available

The land of fire and ice. Iceland has it both and almost everything between.

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Golden Circle

No.1 Iceland tours

The “Golden Circle” as we like to call it is just over seven hours of geographic excellence and photographic wonders.

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Elves in Iceland
Elves in IcelandA big part of icelandic culture has been the belief in elves and hidden people.  Although they can't normally be seen, there are still a lot of first-hand stories from a high percent of icelanders, about their encounters with this hidden world, existing alongside our visible and physical reality. Although many of these stories are positive, sometimes there appears to be some conflict between the two worlds, usually a reaction resulting from somebody on "our" side doing something (usually un-intended) against the inhabitants of the hidden world.  Here is a short article (by Reuters) about something that happened quite some years ago, when a team of road-workers were paving an area for a new road - unknowingly, they were messing up things on the other side.
The Grill Market


The Grill Market is based on clese collaboration with farmers all across Iceland giving personal advice regarding their produce for all the food.  The Grill Market´s chefs, who are among Iceland´s finest, take the ingredients and use them to make unique and often surprising dishes ranging from vegetarian meals to reblooded steaks.  Further enhancing the natural experience smoke, fire, wood and coal is used.  The Grill Market, which opened earlier this year, is located at the heart of the city center in an historical building from 1920, originally built as a cinema.  The contemporary decor is inspired by Icelandic tradition and nature, featuring natural wook, fish leather and lava.

Arcadi Volodos - solo recital
VolodosThe Russian pianist, Arcadi Volodos, gives a solo recital May 20 at the Reykjavík Arts Festival in Eldborg.

Arcadi Volodos, celebrated as a "keyboard genius", is without a doubt one of today's most outstanding and internationally interesting pianists. Whether in concert or on CD, his playing is always marked by a combination of breathtaking technical virtuosity and profound and expressive musicality.

His first album, featuring spectacular transcriptions (SK62691), some written by Volodos himself, was released in autumn 1997; accompanied as it was by the pianist's first live appearances, it caused an absolute sensation.

Thick as a brick performed by Ian Anderson
Jethro-tullJethro Tull's, Ian Anderson, along with his band, is coming to Iceland this summer where he will perform his masterpiece, Thick as a brick, in its entirety in the main hall of Harpa, Eldborg, on Thursday the 21st of June. Ticket sales start in Harpa and on on the 2nd of February at 10:00 am.

Jethro tull/Ian Anderson, the leader of the band, have performed in concerts a few times in Iceland, the latest being in 2009, where the tickets were sold out in less than a day. 

Thick as a Brick increased Jethro Tull's popularity greatly and the album reached first place of the American Bilboard list. Jethro Tull hasn't performed Thick as a Brick in it's entirety on stage since 1972.
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